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Developed in 2019 by a Gen Z Black woman, Equity for All is an organization led by young people for young people - between the ages of 18 and 29. Equity for All seeks to mobilize the unorganized organizer! We are committed to creating an active ecosystem of young people passionate about justice-centered policies around environmental, economic, and social injustice who feel they have no voice in the political process. Equity for All is comprised of highly skilled community organizers, policy analysts, and program strategists who utilize think-outside-the-box strategies to engage and motivate the youth, regardless of class, race, or other identities, to exercise their political agency.



Our vision is a world where young voters see themselves in those that represent them. As Gen-Z's participation in the electoral process, grow’s justice-centered policies they seek around environmental, economic, and social injustice go unimplemented. There is a need to empower the voices of those at the margins by creating intentional opportunities for young BIPOC individuals to access equal representation opportunities. Equity for All’s focus is young voters between 18-29 who are not likely to turn out on election day. That is why “WE OUTSIDE” meets our voters where they are: bike shows, strip clubs, festivals, brunches, car washes,  and more. 

Equity For All's extensive work in the community is steeped within our structure and engrained in our core values. Community engagement and GOTV work is a process that should be informed and led by the community it serves, with the understanding that no community is the same. As an organization led by Black women, intersectionality plays a prominent role in how we engage with the community because we understand that all of our fights are intertwined. Even though our backgrounds, environments, and identities may differ, we all encounter the same systems of oppression that try to deprive us of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

"My cousin was sent to prison because a jury was stacked against him. He didn't get a fair trial. I'm working to mobilize young Black voters so that we can have more representation in office and in the jury box. We need to make sure that everyone has access to justice, regardless of their race or background." 

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